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Gardai remove abusive fans from bus

GARDAI had to remove five young men from a bus returning home from the All-Ireland final after the coach driver refused to travel further because of ongoing abuse.

The driver of the privately hired bus -- who asked not to be identified -- said the behaviour of some of the 53 young men and women he transported from Dublin to Nenagh, Co Tipperary, was disgraceful.

He claims he suffered abuse and feared an accident would take place as he drove south along the M7.

"It was a journey from hell. I had enough by the time we were coming to Portlaoise. It was relentless. They were throwing cans and missiles were flying."

After the garda officers took the five men off the bus and spoke to them, the group made their way back to Nenagh on a Bus Eireann bus.

"I was actually afraid that one of them would do something that would cause me to swerve," the driver added.

It is understood no prosecutions will arise.

Irish Independent