Wednesday 11 December 2019

Gardai probe 'Mr Big' links to Christopher Zambra killing

Christopher 'Git' Zambra
Christopher 'Git' Zambra

Tom Brady, Security Editor

The murder of a man who was shot while on his way to visit his sister may have been ordered by Dublin's biggest gang boss.

Major drug trafficker Christopher 'Git' Zambra died in a suburban garden as he tried to flee his attackers in what was described as a well-executed gangland hit.

Zambra had fallen foul of several leading criminals in recent months and his death has resulted in gardai pursuing several "live" lines of inquiry.

But detectives suspect he had become the victim of one of his former associates rather than his known enemies.

Zambra was under investigation by the Criminal Assets Bureau and had recently lost possession of a large amount of cash.

Some of that money belonged to the current 'Mr Big' in gangland circles and garda intelligence indicated that he had fallen out with Zambra over the loss of the cash.

Zambra (39), from Galtymore Road in Drimnagh in Dublin's south city, was a full-time drug dealer in the capital.

He had close connections with the gangland boss, who has been lying low because of intensive garda investigations into his activities.

The gang boss is one of two criminals believed to have ordered the murder of former Dublin Real IRA leader Alan Ryan, who was shot on the northside of the city in September 2012.

Ryan and his associates had been attempting to exert pressure on the crime gangs to pay him a slice of the profits they made from racketeering, extortion and drug trafficking.

Gardai have not ruled out the possibility that dissidents could have been involved in Zambra's shooting in retaliation for Ryan's death.

Zambra was also blamed for the murder of John 'Champagne' Carroll, who was shot dead in a pub in The Coombe in 2009, but he was acquitted of the charge in court.

He had also fallen out with another southside gangland figure from Tallaght, who is closely connected to an Irish mobster based in Spain.

Six shots were fired into Zambra's car as the attack began. The criminal managed to stumble out of the vehicle, then ran along the pavement into the garden of a house three doors away before collapsing there. The merciless gunman then fired another couple of shots into his head.

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