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Gardaí probe if Iranian gangland victim was shot dead with gun owned by murdered man


Hamid Sanambar

Hamid Sanambar

Sean Little

Sean Little


Hamid Sanambar

Gardaí are investigating if the latest gangland victim was shot dead with a handgun owned by drug dealer Sean Little, himself murdered just over a week ago.

A massive investigation was continuing this weekend by officers in north Dublin into three fatal shootings over recent days.

The latest was Hamid Sanambar (41) who was shot dead outside Little's family home in Kilmore, at 3.30pm on Tuesday.

Last night, senior sources revealed that two handguns were recovered from the burning getaway car that was used in the murder.

One of these is a Makarov pistol and the other is understood to be a Glock handgun.

Sources said that gardaí are aware of information that one of these guns was actually owned by Little, who gardaí think was lured to his death on Tuesday night of last week by Sanambar.

As the investigation into the three murders continues, detectives are probing if a "reckless teenager" from Darndale was involved in two of the three slayings.

This teenager was a very close associate of David 'Fred' Lynch (26) who was shot four times in the head with a 9mm calibre semi-automatic pistol in March, 2009, by a gangland figure who is currently in jail for other offences.

Sources have revealed that the teenager's behaviour has become "increasingly erratic" over recent months, and that he is suspected of shooting a young man in the leg over a €25 drugs debt earlier this year.

Gardaí have information that the young man is "absolutely intent" on getting revenge for the murder of 'Fred' Lynch.

They suspect that he is one of the three balaclava-wearing men who shot dead Sanambar after the order for a "retaliation hit" was given by a very close associate of Little.

It also emerged last night that gardaí are also probing whether the teenager was the gunman who shot Jordan Davis dead just 17 hours after Little.

Gardaí still insist that the Davis murder was part of a separate dispute than the other two slayings, and that he was shot dead on the orders of a secretive local crime boss who has links to the arch criminal known as 'Mr Big'.

Tensions remain extremely high in the capital's northside with the funerals of the first two murdered men expected to happen within the next few days.

Gardaí believe there will be more murders to come, with no sign of an end to the brutal bloodletting.

The latest victim, Sanambar, had been regularly sighted with a suspected gangland hitman who is suspected of the attempted murder of James 'Mago' Gately.

The Iranian was also very close to a number of other gun-for-hires linked to the north Dublin drugs gang he worked with.

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