Friday 22 February 2019

Gardai in hunt for 240kmh YouTube boy racer

Anita Guidera

GARDAI are trying to identify a male driver shown in a YouTube video clocking 240kmh during rush hour on a major Donegal road.

Incredibly, at the moment the speedometer hits the top speed, the driver appears to take both hands off the steering wheel to point it out to the front seat passenger who is holding a camcorder.

The two-and-a-half minute video revealed a high performance Subaru Impreza being driven by a youth who was accompanied by another male.

It appears to have been shot on Wednesday January 30 at 6pm on the busy N15 Letterkenny to Donegal route in an area known as Barnesmore Gap.

Conditions were wet at the time because the window wipers were activated.

The car pulls out from the car park at Clar chapel, just north of Donegal town, and heads north towards Ballybofey, accelerating quickly to a speed of 240kmh.

At one stage it veers in towards the hard shoulder to avoid oncoming traffic.

The men are chatting and laughing and appear to be exhilarated as the car reaches the shocking speed.

Then, as the car hits the top speed, the excited driver momentarily removes his hands from the steering wheel to point out the speedometer for the video camera.

As the driver decelerates the car appears to wobble as he attempts to regain control.

Reacting yesterday, traffic corps sergeant for south Donegal, Ignatius Larkin, said: "I have come across a number of young people like this and unfortunately they either finish up getting arrested or killing themselves or others.

"If he was involved in a head-on collision at that speed there would be a large number of fatalities, not just the occupants of both cars but others as well.

"It is behind bars that person needs to be," he said.

He added he would be looking at the video closely in a bid to identify the driver.

He pointed out that the traffic corps had increased its activity in the Barnesmore Gap, which is a stretch of road that has a history of being used by racers, and that hundreds of motorists were being caught for speeding there.

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