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Gardai identify suspects in city fight

GARDAI say they have now identified most of the men involved in a pitched battle in Dublin city centre on Tuesday night.

Passers-by ran for cover as two groups, who had been walking in the same direction along O'Connell Street, suddenly became involved in a row.

The violence spilled over into Henry Street and some of the attackers grabbed hurleys from youngsters on the street and used them as weapons.

One man was injured and taken to hospital. Others received minor cuts and bruises in the fight.

Gardai said last night they were studying CCTV footage from nearby cameras and had identified most of those involved.

They believe the two groups are part of an extended family living in the inner city.

A total of about 15 men and women were involved in the fracas but none of them made a complaint to the gardai after the violence had subsided.

Gardai expect to make arrests under the public order legislation.

Irish Independent