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Tuesday 19 November 2019

Gardai hunt thieves who stole car with sleeping baby inside

Avondale Park estate, where a car with a baby boy in it was stolen.
Avondale Park estate, where a car with a baby boy in it was stolen.

Allison Bray

GARDAI are continuing to search for the culprits who sped off in a stolen car with a seven-month-old baby asleep in the backseat.

The baby boy was not injured, however, and he was reunited with his distraught parents a short time later when the stolen car was found abandoned a short distance away -- with the infant still soundly asleep in his car seat.

The horror unfolded on Saturday when the boy's father was dropping off something to an address at the sprawling Avondale Park housing estate in Mulhuddart in north Dublin at about 9.45pm.

He left the car running with his son asleep in the back while he was gone for a few minutes.

But when he returned, the car and baby were gone.

The stolen car was found a short time later at the nearby Castlecurragh housing estate.

Fortunately the baby was unharmed and was still asleep when he was found.

Locals were shocked to hear of the incident last night.

One resident said the incident sent shivers down her spine, but she was delighted that the baby was found unharmed.

Gardai last night said they would be reviewing any CCTV footage in the area in an attempt to trace the thieves.


Local Fianna Fail councillor David McGuinness, who was in touch with the parents' relatives yesterday, said "they were very shocked but that everything was grand".

However, he said the outcome could have been much more sinister.

"It's a huge relief there was a happy ending to this. It could have ended so differently."

He added that some parts of the community were becoming no-go areas.

"This is a reminder of how dangerous the suburbs of Blanchardstown can be. But for a child to be taken like this is a new low."

Along with car thefts, burglaries in the area are up by 26pc and thefts from parked cars in the area have spiked dramatically.

"Increasingly, people are discovering in the morning that the windows of their cars have been smashed by thieves," he said.

"And people are discovering a new type of crime, when they find all the wheels removed from their cars," he added.

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