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Gardaí hunt drivers who filmed scene of M50 crash


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Gardai are investigating whether drivers took photos or videos of the horrific crash on the M50 while they were behind the wheel.

Investigators are also examining CCTV to see if anyone stopped at the scene unnecessarily.

There has been outcry after distressing imagery of Thursday's crash, which claimed the life of Jackie Griffin, was circulated on social media.

It's understood that Ms Griffin, a driver for courier company Nightline, was working when the tragedy occurred. Gardaí believe that in the early stages after the crash, a number of people may have recorded video.

Prosecutions would be possible for drivers who were holding phones at the wheel or for those individuals who may have stopped their vehicle and left it to take footage.

Separately, gardaí are appealing for witnesses following a fatal collision in Co Monaghan yesterday evening where a man and a woman in their 70s were killed.

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