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Saturday 21 April 2018

Gardai fear gang war will erupt over slain boss Zambra

Christopher 'Git' Zambra
Christopher 'Git' Zambra

Conor Feehan and Ken Foy

GARDAI fear further gangland violence following the discovery of a pipe bomb in the same part of Dublin as a fatal gun attack.

Tensions remain high on the streets of Drimnagh following the weekend murder of gangland figure Christy 'Git' Zambra (39).

Hours after he was gunnned down on Sunday afternoon, a potentially lethal explosive device was found under a parked car.

The owner of the car is an innocent man who has no connection to criminal figures.

The army bomb disposal team was called to the vehicle at Lissadel Drive in Drimnagh yesterday and carried out a controlled explosion on the device, described as a metal can stuffed with nails wrapped with tape.

A subsequent examination of the remains of the device proved it was a non-viable one, but the incident left the innocent car owner worried.

"My legs are like jelly, I don't know why anyone would target me or my car," he said.

The man was visiting his partner when the alarm was raised at around 10am yesterday morning.


"With the shooting (of Zambra) and now this you wouldn't know what to think. I've never been in any trouble. I don't know why they picked me," the man added.

Zambra was gunned down in a hail of bullets as he tried to escape an ambush at his sister's house on Cooley Road in the middle of the afternoon.

Officers are patrolling the area on a 24-hour basis amid fears of further violence.

Zambra, whose involvement in crime goes back to the 1990s, died in a neighbouring garden two doors away despite the efforts of his family and neighbours trying to keep him alive until paramedics arrived.

Gardai say they are pursuing a number of possible motives for the shooting, which they say was professionally planned and executed.

Zambra was known to be close to two organised crime gang leaders suspected of organising the murder of Real IRA boss in Dublin Alan Ryan, who was shot dead on the northside of the city in September 2012.

One of the gang bosses is now living in Cavan while the other has been lying low since the Ryan murder but has continued his involvement in organising drugs shipments into the country.

Zambra was also connected to associates of the two gangs involved in a deadly Crumlin-Drimnagh feud but did not get directly involved in the row, which claimed more than a dozen lives.

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