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Monday 20 November 2017

Gardai called to college campus as 'same-sex marriage' student debate gets heated

The college voted 95% in favour of affording equal rights to same-sex couples

Clare Cullen

Clare Cullen

Gardaí were reportedly called to the NUIGalway campus yesterday as tensions mount in advance of the student union referendum on same-sex marriage.

Gardaí were called to NUIGalway campus yesterday following a minor escalation of tension between two sides of a student-union referendum.

Accrodingf to the Student's Union President Sean Kearns, flyers were distributed on campus linking homosexual marriage to paedophilia, polygamy and polyarmory, which the student body found "quite offensive".

An investigation will look into the distribution of the flyers, which the Student's Union believe are against the College's Code of Conduct, which does not allow for posters to show or promote "bullying or discrimination".

A "stand-off" between the two sides began when the 'Vote No' group refused to leave a bulletin board to stop the other side tearing down the posters, and the gardai were called over the "passionate debate."

A 'peaceful protest' was then held where both sides had their say. "Emotions can run high in a debate and it did get passionate but it was reasonable. Each side spoke and it ended after a good few hours."



The NUIGalway student body voted 95% in favour of the motion, which called for the Student Union to "support all measures to afford equal rights to same-sex couples".

The referendum saw a voting increase of 400% on the Student Union elections with 2,214 votes to 114, and results were announced this morning.

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