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Gardai at centre of Ian Bailey row won't be named

LAWYERS acting for Ian Bailey will not seek to have the names of gardai accused of exerting undue pressure on the state solicitor revealed in the Supreme Court this week.

This follows revelations in newly released court documents that state solicitor for west Cork, Malachy Boohig, informed retired Director of Public Prosecutions Eamonn Barnes that he had been asked to "use his influence" to secure a conviction against Sophie Toscan du Plantier murder suspect Mr Bailey in 1998.

The gardai alleged to have been involved had their names blacked out in the documents.

A spokesperson for Mr Bailey's legal team said yesterday that although they viewed the gardai's behaviour as a "serious matter", it would be "something to be addressed further down the line", as they were "now primarily concerned with having new evidence heard in the High Court".

According to the court documents, former DPP Mr Barnes revealed that Mr Boohig had expressed his concerns in a meeting that gardai had asked him to convince friend and former justice minister John O'Donoghue of Mr Bailey's guilt in the murder of Ms Toscan du Plantier.

It is understood that Mr Barnes disclosed this information to state authorities "in the interests of justice" on October 12.

Following this move, Attorney General Maire Whelan then advised that the details of the meeting between Mr Barnes and Mr Boohig, along with a 44-page review of evidence, critical in parts of garda handling of the case, be released to Mr Bailey's legal team and French authorities.


An appeal against Mr Bailey's extradition to France is currently adjourned and awaiting a Supreme Court hearing, due to take place in January.

However, Mr Bailey's legal team feel that the matter should be returned to the High Court and will open this argument in the Supreme Court this Thursday.

Mr Bailey has been twice arrested for questioning but never charged with the murder of Ms Toscan du Plantier, and has consistently claimed that he has been the victim of a garda "set-up".

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