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Gardaí arrest third person over death of homeless chef


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Gardaí arrested a third person as part of their five-month investigation into the death of homeless chef Timothy 'Timmy' Hourihane (53).

A woman in her 30s was arrested in Cork yesterday morning by officers for questioning about the death of Mr Hourihane on October 13 last year.

Two others were questioned under arrest several weeks ago as part of the ongoing investigation.

A Garda source indicated detectives have now received "substantial assistance" from the public, as well as key information from CCTV security camera footage.

The Bantry-born chef was found in a critical condition at Mardyke Walk at around 1am on the date in question.

A number of homeless people live in make-shift accommodation in the area which has been dubbed 'Tent City'.

One tent was spotted on fire and Cork Fire Brigade were alerted.

When it extinguished the blaze, it spotted Mr Hourihane lying unconscious a short distance away.

He died from injuries consistent with a prolonged and brutal beating.

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