Thursday 26 April 2018

Gardai and HSE probe claims of sex assault on children

Boy (5), girl (3) attacked 'by girls under eight'

Ralph Riegel

GARDAI and HSE inspectors are investigating allegations that two very young children were subjected to sex assaults by two older girls.

The two girls -- both of whom are under eight years of age -- are alleged to have lured a five-year-old boy and a three-year-old girl into taking part in a sex 'game' on a housing estate in Co Kerry.

The three-year-old girl is alleged to have had stones inserted in her back passage as part of the 'game'.

It is alleged the five-year-old boy was unwittingly tricked into simulating oral sex.

Fears are now mounting that the alleged assaults were not an isolated incident but occurred on at least two different occasions almost six months apart.

A major investigation is now under way by both Kerry-based gardai and the HSE South.

Gardai hope to speak to the two girls at the centre of the allegations, but will only do so in liaison with the HSE and with juvenile investigation specialists.

But the family of the five-year-old boy is furious that the investigation was not launched sooner -- and worries that other children may be at risk on the Kerry estate from the two girls.

"I rang the HSE in October and told them what had happened but I didn't want to give them our son's name," the boy's mother said.

She said she passed on the names of the two girls at the centre of the allegations -- but is worried that the two girls and their families were not immediately contacted about the allegations. She claimed that when she eventually contacted the gardai, Kerry officers said it was the first they had heard of any such incident.

The woman first became aware of the alleged assaults when her son questioned her about aspects of the game the two older girls had allegedly asked him to play with them.

The boy was confused about what he had allegedly been asked to do and felt uncomfortable with the game.

The mother of the three-year-old girl said she alerted gardai within 24 hours of hearing her child describe how stones had been placed in her back passage by the two girls after the so-called 'game'.

The latest sex assaults are alleged to have occurred on Good Friday last, when the two eight-year-olds were on their Easter break from school.

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