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Gardai and fire brigade attend scene of partially collapsed building on busy Cork street


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A LARGE building partially collapsed in Cork city centre but no injuries were caused.

The structure, on Washington Street between the junctions of Cross Street and South Main Street, had been under renovation.

It partially collapsed around 2am - with rubble falling out onto one of Cork's busiest thoroughfares.

Experts said the timing of the collapse - when the area had largely emptied of revellers and pedestrians - was incredibly fortunate.

An investigation is now underway into the cause of the collapse and reports that some locals heard a loud 'bang' seconds before the collapse.

The area has been closed off amid public safety concerns.

Motorists were warned to expect major traffic disruption as a result.

The building is located just a short walk from Cork city centre and such busy premises as Cork Courthouse.

GardaĆ­, Cork Fire Brigade and Cork City Council engineers are in attendance at the scene.

Twenty years ago, a young woman died and a man was left with life-changing injuries when they were struck by falling debris from a collapsed parapat on a separate Washington Street building.

Before Christmas, a building on Cork's North Main Street partially collapsed and has since been specially secured by engineers.

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