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Garda set-up victim wants judicial probe

FRANK McBrearty Jnr – whose family was at the centre of the Morris Tribunal – has called on the Government to establish an independent judicial inquiry into policing.

Mr McBrearty Jnr, an Independent councillor who came to national prominence as a result of the Morris Tribunal's ruling that gardai had tried to frame him for the 1996 murder of Richie Barron, said such an inquiry must be about policing the future.

The Donegal councillor, who successfully pursued the State in a long-running legal battle to restore his good name, said the probe should be "headed up by a judge from outside Ireland. The judge needs to be given the powers in this inquiry to make findings of fact in law and not opinions".


In a statement, the Donegal man commended the two whistleblowers for "their courage to date. Their battle for justice has to be applauded".

He said a judicial inquiry must deal with all scandals that have not been investigated over the years as well as the "many issues that have come to light over the last number of weeks".

He added: "This will ensure that the full truth will come out and not just a small fraction of the truth as Government would like it."

Mr McBrearty said the probe would also need to examine policing into the future "so that public confidence is restored in our police force".

Irish Independent