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Garda sergeant accused of sex assault gets to consider plea

A GARDA sergeant accused of sexually assaulting two female colleagues while on duty at a garda station last year has been given four weeks to consider how he will plead.

The officer, who is in his 40s, made his first appearance at Dublin District Court where he faces three counts of sexual assault on dates in March and June 2010.

Judge Bridget Reilly imposed reporting restrictions to prevent the identification of the complainants.

This included an order prohibiting publication of the officer's name, place of work and where the incidents allegedly occurred.


One complainant has claimed she was sexually assaulted twice and the other alleges it happened to her once at a garda station in Dublin.

In a summary of the prosecution evidence, Garda Insp James Flood said during the first incident the accused had been on duty when "the injured party was leaning over a desk".

"While she was doing this, it is alleged the accused pressed his pelvic area into her posterior and at the same time placed his hands on her hips and made a pumping motion saying, 'She likes it this way,'" he said.

About two-and-a-half months later, the defendant allegedly sexually assaulted her again in an office in work.

"The accused came up towards her and pressed his left hand to the side of her left breast while saying, 'Wake up,'" Insp Flood told the court.

Two days before that, it is claimed he sexually assaulted the other female officer.

She had leaned over to place an object in a locker when the defendant allegedly "grabbed the inside of her right upper thigh at the fleshy part at which she screamed".

"It is alleged the accused then said, 'I'd say you are some screamer in bed,'" Insp Flood added.

The DPP had directed summary disposal and after hearing an outline of the evidence, Judge Reilly accepted jurisdiction for the case to be dealt with at District Court level.

The defendant, who was wearing grey trousers and a maroon and white striped shirt and tie, stood up during the proceedings.

However, he was not required to speak at the brief hearing yesterday and he gave no indication of how he would plead.

Judge Reilly ordered gardai to provide the defence with disclosure of the prosecution evidence, which includes photos.

The officer nodded as the judge adjourned his case for four weeks to allow him to consider his plea.

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