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Sunday 18 August 2019

Gardaí review Isil video that includes Ireland among enemies

Isil website video
Isil website video

Adam Cullen

GardaÍ are keeping "under review" a video purportedly released by Islamic State (Isil), in which Ireland is included among 60 enemy nations.

The clip includes the Irish Tricolour among 60 nations' flags, including those of the UK, France, Russia and the US, under the headline the 'Coalition of devils'.

The video has an English voiceover and taunts the US saying: "You may have the numbers and weapons but your soldiers lack the will and resolve, still scarred from their defeats in Afghanistan and Iraq. They return dead or suicidal, with over 6,500 of them killing themselves each year."

The authenticity of the clip has yet to be verified. However, a number of online profiles linked to the terror cell have been spreading it via social media.

A Garda spokesperson said they were keeping the video and other ongoing issues "under review".

"An Garda Síochána will keep under review the ongoing issues in France and elsewhere and will ensure that Garda resources are deployed in a manner commensurate with the current security situation.

"The level of threat will be kept under constant review...All appropriate measures will be taken in dealing with any threats.

"This is an international problem and a key element in dealing with these threats is good intelligence-sharing internationally. An Garda Síochána co-operates very closely with our EU and other international security and intelligence counterparts."

A spokesperson for the Department of Justice said they are monitoring the situation.

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