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Garda faces dismissal after internal inquiry into assault on woman

THE board of an internal garda tribunal has recommended that a garda either resign or be dismissed from the force for breaches of discipline, including the assault of a woman.

An internal disciplinary tribunal held in early April also found that the garda had engaged in the unauthorised use of a garda vehicle and the garda has been suspended indefinitely pending an appeal.

It is understood the garda, who was based in Killarney, Co Kerry, at the time, faced at least 10 allegations and was found to be in breach of at least seven regulations. The more serious allegations, including the assault of the woman, were denied by the garda.

The allegations date back almost three years and the tribunal followed an extensive investigation. The garda remained in service throughout the investigation but was suspended after the Garda Commissioner received a detailed report from the tribunal's chairperson. He was also issued with a fine.

A criminal investigation accompanied the disciplinary action and a file was sent to the DPP but no prosecution followed.

Irish Independent