Friday 13 December 2019

Garda Ben O'Sullivan: There are no words to condemn this killing

Barry Duggan

THE garda who was shot 11 times alongside slain detective Jerry McCabe says he has no words to condemn the murder of Det Gda Adrian Donohoe.

Ben O'Sullivan, now retired, miraculously survived the IRA gun attack in

1996 which claimed the life of his colleague and friend, Det Gda Jerry McCabe.

A tearful Mr O'Sullivan paid tribute to the garda members who were ambushed in Louth on Friday night resulting in the death of Adrian Donohoe.

"My heart is very much with both families - Adrian Donohoe's and Joe Ryan's," Mr O'Sullivan said.

"I hope that he (Det Gda Joe Ryan) will recover as good as I have."

At Henry Street garda station in Limerick, Mr O'Sullivan signed a book of condolences following Friday's atrocity.

"No words would adequately condemn this barbaric crime," he added.

"No words from me would adequately condemn it because It is beyond the ability of any form of words to condemn (it) to the degree that I would wish such an atrocity," Mr O'Sullivan added.

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