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Sunday 17 December 2017

Garda and family under 24-hour protection after sinister attack over Christmas

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David Looby

A Garda and his family are under Garda protection following a sinister attack on them over Christmas.

On Christmas morning the Garda found that both his and his wife's cars had been tampered with in the early hours of Christmas morning at their home in a hilly area outside New Ross in Co Wexford.

Expandable foam had been pumped into the exhausts of both cars.

Gardai cleared the foam from the exhausts and took the wife's car for a short drive, whereupon he found to his horror that the brakes were not working.

It is understood that the brake pipes had been severed and that the perpetrators also poured expandable foam into all the drain spouts on the family home, possibly to cause water damage.

New Ross Superintendent John McDonald said Gardaí are baffled as to why the Garda in question - who is based in New Ross - was targeted. He said a major investigation has been launched into the incident, with the Garda's cases being reviewed in an attempt to 'unearth' the culprit.

Supt McDonald said: 'This is exceptionally serious from every viewpoint. We hadn't purposely gone public with this as we were hoping to keep it under wraps as long as we could. There is a security issue for the member in question which has been addressed and will continue to be addressed. If there is a person out there in the public domain doing this there is the potential of (him) doing this to someone else.'

He said he wasn't aware of any lingering 'animosity' involving a defendant or anyone against the garda. 'The garda in question would have had a lot of activity with a lot of people down through the years and to my knowledge he is the sort of man who goes about his work quietly. There is nothing standing out recently where we can link it back directly to someone.'

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