Monday 24 June 2019

Ganley to publish his 'vision' in new book

Libertas founder launches tirade on the EU and FF's Dick Roche


Libertas founder Declan Ganley has copied Barack Obama by publishing his political vision in a book which sharply escalates his extraordinary feud with Fianna Fail's "Mr Europe" Dick Roche.

The Sunday Independent has learnt that 25,000 copies of Ganley's book-length interview with columnist Bruce Arnold will be distributed to the electorate of Connacht Ulster next week and that a further 75,000 copies are being translated from English to every European language for Ganley's Europe-wide campaign.

In an introduction to the book The Fight for Democracy Bruce Arnold claims Ganley was "the most successful Irish political campaigner of 2008".

In the 156-page tome Ganley lays into a variety of political enemies including Taoiseach Brian Cowen and Dick Roche who he claims "prefer to fight Irish citizens rather than the EU elites".

Ganley also claims that he was the victim of "gutter press journalism" in the Irish Times that masquerades under the guise of "public service" journalism.

He also says that "surely everyone by now knows the main 'Yes' campaigner is not the Government but editor Geraldine Kennedy and her team at the Irish Times" and he says that "a Lithuanian journalist told me that the Soviets in the old days would never have made their political agenda so obvious".

The Libertas leader claims Europe is now under the yoke of "a Communist totalitarian system of Jose Manuel Barroso -- a former Maoist Communist" where MEPs who are "well fed enough to be kept on the leash" are just "puppies barking at the moon".

However Ganley's comments on Dick Roche are likely to spark the greatest furore.

Mr Ganley claims his main enemies are "minor fringe players like Junior Minister Dick Roche, Jim Higgins and Jean Marie Le Pen of the National Front".

The Libertas leader also claimed this troika "resort to the maddest of conspiracy theories and personal attacks".

However in an interview with the Sunday Independent Dick Roche dismissed Ganley's claims with the observation that "they are too ridiculous for me to even respond to".

The Minister added that "Mr Ganley would have a lot more to do with Jean Marie Le Pen and those he consorts with than any other political party in this country".

Roche was also scathing about the role of Bruce Arnold in the production of the Ganley book.

He said: "Devotion is something which is admirable on most occasions but Bruce Arnold's love affair with Ganley is something that causes most sensible people to cringe."

Mr Roche said there is nothing wrong with candidates producing books about themselves.

"To be fair a chap called Obama produced a very fine book," he said.

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