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Tuesday 23 July 2019

Ganley is branded a 'puppet of US military'

Anita Guidera

FINE Gael MEP Jim Higgins yesterday launched a furious attack on Libertas leader Declan Ganley -- branding him a "puppet of the US military".

Just one week after Mr Ganley launched his campaign to contest the European elections in the North-West constituency with a verbal attack on Mr Higgins, the veteran politician hit back.

Speaking at the party's selection convention in Sligo yesterday, he welcomed Mr Ganley's decision to enter the race but said he would have to reveal his true agenda.

"The truth is that the United States military are frightened stiff of a united and stronger European Union through the Lisbon Treaty.

"The truth is that Mr Ganley does not want a united Europe. Anything that would get in the way of his multi-million dollar contracts with the US military must be opposed. Hence his opposition to Lisbon. Hence his reason to contest these elections," he said.

He called on the Libertas founder to reveal why he has constantly refused to tell the Standards in Public Office Commission the nature and conditions of his personal loan to the Libertas Lisbon campaign and the involvement of his Rivada Networks staff. Last night Mr Ganley's spokesman John McGuirk hit back saying: "Mr Higgins' comments are not just lies, they are embarrassing lies from an MEP who has for four years done absolutely nothing to justify the salary paid to him by taxpayers.

"Jim can snipe at Declan's record in business, but only one candidate has a record of actually creating any jobs, and that's Declan Ganley."


Earlier, Mr Higgins added Mr Ganley would also have to explain why "two of the Eastern European politicians who signed his ratification for recognition as a political party have now withdrawn their signatures" and to come clean about the one million Swedish Krona allegedly offered to the euro-sceptical political party Junilistan to add the name of Libertas to its title.

Mr Higgins claimed that its leader had responded by saying that it would be "extremely unethical" for the Swedish party to be funded by a millionaire from another country.

He said the public would also like to know why, after courting and supporting the ultra right wing Catholic LPR party in Poland, Mr Ganley has "suddenly bolted in the opposite direction" this week.

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