Wednesday 21 August 2019

Gangland tensions mount as 'Fat' Freddie's cousin escapes botched hit outside hotel

Liam Roe
Liam Roe

Ken Foy

A friend of crime cartel kingpin Christy Kinahan is lucky to be alive after the gun wielded by his would-be assassin jammed when he tried to kill him.

Liam Roe (36), a cousin of gangland figure 'Fat' Freddie Thompson, was said to have been standing outside the Red Cow hotel in west Dublin having a cigarette when the attempt on his life was made.

Gardai believe the attempted murder was carried out by a north inner city hit team.

Sources said that detectives have received intelligence that associates of slain drug dealer Gary Hutch have decided to murder "anyone they can get" who has links to Christy Kinahan.


"They went for Roe for no particular reason, just that they recognised him. It is not as if Roe had anything to do with Hutch's murder," a source said last night.

Detectives have been probing reports that the hit team had been stalking anyone connected to the Kinahan cartel over the past four days after members of the mob met up in the capital for the weekend's boxing event.

Last night, tensions remained high as gardai believe Hutch's associates have access to numerous stolen cars that could be used in a potential assassination.

Gardai were expecting many friends and associates of Kinahan's to be in the city over the weekend as respected professional boxer Jamie Kavanagh, who is the son of slain notorious gangster Gerard 'Hatchet' Kavanagh, was fighting in the National Stadium on Saturday.

While Jamie Kavanagh has no involvement in organised crime, sources said that some of his supporters are linked to the Kinahan mob and other crime groups.


When news spread of the attempted hit, it is understood that up to 50 of Kinahan's cronies left the hotel in a hurry. Daniel Kinahan, the son of Christy, was led out a back door by pals and driven from the scene.

The group are understood to have been at the hotel because they were attending a boxing fundraiser.

Roe was arrested in 2007 over allegations that he had threatened to kill a bouncer at a pub in Dame Street.

He was also fined €250 after an incident in 2009 for obstructing a garda drugs search.

In 2012, Roe was given a four-month jail sentence after gardai raided his apartment and found stolen designer handbags worth nearly €9,000.

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