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Saturday 7 December 2019

Gang suspected of armed robbery of at least seven Dublin pubs strikes again in €1.8k raid

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Ken Foy

A gang suspected of carrying out the armed robberies of at least seven pubs in Dublin 4 and its surrounding areas, has struck again in an €1,800 raid.

In the latest incident, a 52-year-old barman had a gun and a knife pulled on him by two masked men as he left a GAA clubhouse in Irishtown, south Dublin.

The man had just closed the Clanna Gael Fontenoy complex on Sean Moore Road and was walking toward his nearby Ringsend home at 11.30pm last Thursday when he was confronted by robbers in ski masks and dark clothes.

He was pushed to the ground and sustained a minor head wound.

The men, who spoke with Dublin accents and are both described as around 6ft tall, were carrying a knife and a handgun.

They "frogmarched" the worker back into the clubhouse, with the gun pointed at his back as they issued threats against him.

He was then ordered to open the night safe, containing €1,800, which the raiders took before locking the employee in the clubhouse's safe room.

The suspects then fled the scene on foot, while their victim spent up to 40 minutes locked in the safe room before he eventually managed to free himself with the aid of a hurl.

He then contacted gardai, and officers from Irishtown Garda Station rushed to the scene. Gardai have not yet made any arrests in the case.

However, they are investigating the possibility that it was carried out by the same gang that has been responsible for a spate of similar crimes in the area.

Sources have said that gardai believe the raiders had the clubhouse under surveillance, and CCTV footage appears to show that the armed thugs were "in a major hurry" when they tackled the shocked barman.

Among the crimes that gardai are looking into, and which are believed to be linked to the same mob, is the armed robbery of a Dublin 4 hotel in November.

Detectives are investigating if the duo robbed the Brickyard Gastropub in Dundrum in October, stealing €3,000 in an armed raid.

The crimes have been associated with the same brazen gang which robbed three south Dublin pubs in the space of just 13 days in May last year.

At 1am on May 15, around €8,000 was stolen from The Willows pub in Dundrum.

That raid came just three nights after a botched robbery at Ashtons pub in Clonskeagh Road, Clonskeagh.

The methods used in these two terrifying raids bear striking similarities to an armed robbery at Bar 51 on Haddington Road, in Ballsbridge, at 1am on May 3 last year.

The Bar 51 robbery saw the criminals escape with €2,500, and staff members were tied up on that occasion.


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