Wednesday 11 December 2019

Galway shoppers brought to a standstill as street performer causes a stir with levitation act

Caroline Crawford

A STREET entertainer with the apparent ability to levitate has been leaving fans walking on air on a busy Galway street.

Dressed like a Tibetan monk, Emil Du Toit has been bringing crowds on Shop Street to a standstill as they attempt to work out just how he does it.

While tales of Tibetan monks who learn the art of levitation have been around for centuries, it remains less certain whether the west has secured it's very own spiritually enlightened levitator.

Galway has long been known for its quirky street entertainers but this particular act is causing quite a stir.

Hundreds have stopped to take pictures while they try to figure out his trick. But whether he's actually mastered the mythic art of levitation or is just very good at balancing remains a mystery, with crowds kept from getting too close by a row of little orange cones.

Despite the interest, the street artist is taking no chances when it comes to revealing the tricks of the trade. He and an assistant prepare their act in a canvas tent, far from prying eyes.

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