Sunday 17 December 2017

Galvin makes the cut -- to his official suit at least

THERE was no doubting Paul Galvin's fondness for customising clothes when he arrived home with the defeated Kerry squad last night.

While the other dejected players from the Kingdom's squad sported their official-issue grey flannel suits, true-to-style Galvin, the fashion columnist and attitudinal dresser, sported a 'personalised' version.

It is a look that fans have come to expect from the Lixnaw native.

Famous for his tight-legged jeans, Galvin (right) basically 'Topshopped' the official Kerry suit.

At 5ft 11ins, Galvin is a tall guy, but unlike many of his team mates he isn't into baggy trousers so he cuts off the hems.

His customised trousers last night featured frayed edges, a tell-tale sign of fashionable derring-do. The scalloped, raw-edged look is all the rage on fashion catwalks, but Galvin was in a minority of one last night. The job had all the signs of a DIY job.

The raw edge of his trousers was amplified by the papal red socks and while the rest of the squad sported leather shoes in a variety of colours, Galvin wore dress-down, casual black canvas runners.

Formal shirt and tie isn't his cup of tea either so instead of the white long-sleeved shirt and gold tie, Paul opted for a tight, white, short-sleeved polo shirt.

Having studied fashion buying at DIT, the former schoolteacher knows what he likes and firmly doesn't follow the pack.

In his debut column for the Irish Independent's 'Weekend' magazine last January, the high-octane player wrote about one of his pet hates in fashion -- small men wearing big clothes.

"Men's street style leaves me breathless. It is a study in excess. Excess fabric abounds -- nothing fits. It's XL here, XXL there, flared-leg jeans here, boot-leg there, shirt collars like the wings of an aeroplane, blooming shirt sleeves big enough to go on your leg.

"Small men wearing big clothes, their jeans not so much on them as following them around. I despair."

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