Monday 23 April 2018

Gallagher's a hypocrite, says 'Frontline' mum

Glenna Lynch
Glenna Lynch

Fiach Kelly Political Correspondent

A MOTHER of three last night labelled presidential frontrunner Sean Gallagher a hypocrite after he questioned if she was a political "plant" intent on destroying his campaign.

Glenna Lynch, who runs her own interior-decorating business with her husband, dramatically confronted Mr Gallagher about his business dealings during Monday night's televised 'Frontline' debate.

Ms Lynch, from Stillorgan in Dublin, also rang into the 'Today With Pat Kenny' radio show yesterday during an interview with Mr Gallagher, when he questioned if she was "trying to take down my campaign".

An angry Ms Lynch, who insists that she has no political affiliations or connections, last night told the Irish Independent that it was "grossly hypocritical" of Mr Gallagher -- who is running as an Independent candidate, despite his Fianna Fail background -- to question her independence.

She also took exception to being called "that woman" by Mr Gallagher during his outburst on the radio.

"The wording of that woman," Mr Gallagher said of Ms Lynch's 'Frontline' questions. "Who is the businesswoman and what's her background and where does she come from and what party does she belong to? Is she in somebody else's campaign team, trying to take down my campaign?"

Ms Lynch last night asked: "Does that mean that he thinks that all other women and all ordinary voters don't have an opinion and don't want answers to questions?

"I don't want to be shoved into the 'Sinn Fein are trying to get me' pile."

Ms Lynch -- who has decided to vote for Michael D Higgins -- asked Mr Gallagher about loans and transactions involving his businesses, but insisted that she had picked up all the information herself.

"I have a huge interest in current affairs," she said. "A lot of information I would have had was probably picked up in the newspapers."


Ms Lynch wrote into the 'Frontline' requesting to be part of the audience for Monday's debate and told researchers she would ask a question.

She also said yesterday's story in this newspaper that Mr Gallagher charged GAA clubs in his home county of Louth as much as €5,000 to help out with applications for sports grants "says so much about the man".

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