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Monday 9 December 2019

GAA star subjected to homophobic abuse after alleged appearance in gay adult video

The GAA star's video was uploaded last month as a pay-per-view video.
The GAA star's video was uploaded last month as a pay-per-view video.

A GAA star has been subject to a stream of homophobic abuse after allegedly appearing in a gay adult video online.

The video, which is pay-per-view, was uploaded last month and went viral online today, with dozens of Twitter users passing comment.

Some accepted the player’s apparent decision to appear in a pornographic film, but many hurled abuse or made crude jokes, while some expressed concern for the young man’s well-being.

The man in the video uses a pseudonym, but his face is clearly visible.

The well-known footballer at the centre of the internet storm was set to play a match this Sunday, and spoke about it on Twitter on Tuesday.

But the father-of-one has since shut down his Twitter and Facebook accounts, after receiving the torrent of abuse in response to online reports about him appearing in the film.

One Twitter user said: “I think the lads making fun are a crowd of idiots - obviously the man is in a bad, bad place!”

Another added: “The scenario is a very sorry state of affairs. Poor lad's head must be away.”

But others were more supportive, and said that the player had the right to do whatever he wanted.

One commented: “Fair play… whatever pays the bills”.

The adult film is openly available on a well-known gay porn site where 'straight men' are convinced to engage in sex acts in exchange for money.

The beginning of the video features an interview to camera discussing the man’s personal sexual preferences and behaviour.

This is the second time a GAA player has been linked to a video of a sexual nature.

In June 2010 Wexford hurler Greg Jacob appeared in a heterosexual adult movie, filmed in a caravan in Limerick.

 He spoke openly about it afterwards, saying he had no regrets and even made some money from it.  “It was just a bit of fun, a dare from the lads,” he said.

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