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Sunday 18 February 2018

GAA star Lee Chin speaks out about racist abuse to stop it for younger players

Wexford star Lee Chin said a recent incident was not the first time he has been subjected to racist abuse
Wexford star Lee Chin said a recent incident was not the first time he has been subjected to racist abuse

Brendan Furlong

A GAA star has spoken out about enduring racist abuse on the pitch to ensure younger players don't suffer the same fate.

Two footballers with Wexford club Duffry Rovers were handed suspensions after they were found to have made on-pitch comments to Sarsfields star Lee Chin.

Mr Chin said the on-pitch comments were not the first slurs he has suffered.

"I've been putting up with this kind of abuse for my entire life,' he said.

"Now at this stage, it feels like it is getting a bit more personal. It's becoming more of an issue for me, and it's not just me having to put up with this."

Mr Chin has played both minor hurling and football for Wexford, progressing to the under-21 panels in both this season, and he played for Wexford's senior team in a recent game against Longford.

He said he now feared that other players who are of a mixed ethnicity might also suffer the same fate.

"There are younger people of mixed races who are coming up against this too. Some of them may just listen to some of the things being said to them and think, 'Is it worth this at all? I'm not going to bother,'" Mr Chin said.


"And they, like me, would really love the sport. I have learnt in my own way to deal with it when I'm playing, but the only reason I am speaking out about this is to try and make sure younger GAA players don't have to face this.

"Someone needs to put a stop to this. Young players need to know that they can report what is being said and that there will be consequences," he said.

Wexford County chairman Diarmuid Devereux has said racism will not be tolerated within the association.

"Lee Chin is a Wexford man, born in Wexford, living in Wexford, educated in Wexford, and working in Wexford.

"He is one of our stars of the future. Hopefully, many more will follow his lead and example," he added.

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