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Fury over lack of statement from DUP leader

THE NORTH's First Minister Peter Robinson is under fire after he failed to issue a statement on the death of Cardinal Cahal Daly.

The cardinal was renowned for the hardline attitude he adopted towards the IRA as well the hand of friendship that he extended to the Protestant community. But last night the DUP was refusing to make any public statement on behalf of Mr Robinson.

In contrast, a string of Protestant churchmen paid tribute to Dr Daly who was instrumental in the peace process.

The absence of any public words from the First Minister has angered both nationalist and unionist politicians.

Ulster Unionist MLA David McNarry said: "It's rather sad as First Minister and leader of the DUP he could not even make a comment of condolence."

SDLP MLA John Dallat said: "The fact that the First Minister will not issue a statement is, in reality, a statement in itself.

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