Monday 22 January 2018

Fury as night club brands teenagers with 'c***' stamp

The nightclub has caused a Twitter storm
The nightclub has caused a Twitter storm

Breda Heffernan and Caitlin McBride

ORGANISERS of a club night have been accused of causing offence after stamping patrons, including teenagers, with the word "c***".

Those behind the 'C U Next Tuesday' club night, which runs in a Dublin bar, claimed they wanted to "desensitise" people to this "very commonly used word".

Unlike most night-club stamps, which are small and applied to the back of the hand, this stamp stretches from wrist to elbow. However, the National Parents' Council Post Primary described the stamp as a "cheap" marketing ploy.

"I think it's highly offensive. If that's the best they can come up with in naming a night, they're hard up," said spokeswoman Jackie O'Callaghan.

"What they set out to do was to get publicity, but it's a cheap shot. I think they're just trying to be shocking for the sake of being shocking," she added.

In a statement, organisers of the club night, who declined to be named, denied there was a misogynistic connotation.

"All patrons, male and female, are stamped. An alternative stamp is available to every customer on the night.

"The majority of patrons choose to be stamped with the full logo, presumably because they – correctly – understand that offence is neither intended or implied."

It added: "Language evolves over time and the abbreviated form of our club's name has long since lost any misogynistic connotations in Ireland, where it is used liberally.

"Any suggestion that our club name is intentionally offensive to women is misguided and without foundation and we reject the suggestion in the strongest possible terms."

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