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Sunday 21 January 2018

Furious Tom Meagher says wife’s killer is ‘taking the p***’

Jill’s husband says Bayley should be jailed for longer

Jill Meagher and husband Tom
Jill Meagher and husband Tom
Adrian Ernest Bayley being escorted by prison officers outside the Victoria Supreme Court in Melbourne

THE husband of murdered Irish woman Jill Meagher has reacted angrily to confirmation that her killer is appealing the length of his jail term.

Adrian Ernest Bayley lodged his appeal with the Supreme Court earlier this week.

Bayley was sentenced to life in prison with a 35-year minimum term last month for the brutal rape and murder of Ms Meagher in September of last year.

Now Jill’s husband Tom has used Facebook to call for Bayley to get a longer jail term after his shock appeal.

Mr Meagher said the appeal negates any “goodwill” given to Bayley, who pleaded guilty to the crime after a contested committal hearing.

“By appealing his sentence, Adrian Bayley has negated any “goodwill” afforded to him by the courts for pleading guilty,” he wrote.

"Surely this appeal counteracts any nonsense about remorse. I wonder if the Justice system will have the guts to tack on more years or revoke his parole (period) — he’s taking the p***.”

Bayley raped and strangled Ms Meagher to death in a Melbourne laneway only 500m from her home.

Mr Meagher was waiting for her to arrive home after a Friday night out with friends and ABC work colleagues.

Earlier today, he also posted on Fackebook that Bayley’s victims, particularly sex workers he was convicted of raping in 2002, had never received ``proper justice’’ because of their occupation.

Bayley was sentenced and released on parole after serving a minimum of eight years in jail despite already having prior convictions for sex assaults and rapes.

He admitted he had "gone through the motions’’ to get through a rehabilitation program.

"…the previous victims of Bayley’s savagery were not given proper justice at any stage,’’ Tom Meagher said.

"From lenient sentencing to the incomprehensible decision to release him on parole. They had the opportunity (and duty of these women, and to society) to deny his parole, but chose to grant it despite the brutality of his crimes.

"I would be very surprised of the PB (parole board) treated such barbarism against women of a different occupation with the same flippancy.’’

Bayley’s appeal comes despite telling detectives in his record of interview he believed the death penalty should be used on him as he confessed to his crime.

During the sentencing, the judge described Ms Meagher’s rape and murder as “savage and degrading”.

Bayley approached Ms Meagher as she walked home alone. As she tried to get away from him, he dragged her into a laneway where he raped and strangled her. He later moved her body to another location.

The alarm was raised the following morning by Tom, and her bag was found in the area.

In sentencing Bayley, Mr Justice Nettle said: "You were determined to have your way with her and so you overpowered her and raped her where she stood.

"Then you attacked her again because she was threatening to call the police, and in the process you strangled her."

The crime caused massive controversy in Australia and led to a demand for change to the country’s laws after it emerged that Bayley had been out on parole at the time of Ms Meagher’s murder.

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