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Furious official has a roysh go at O'Carroll-Kelly protesters

A PUBLICITY stunt to promote a satirical play met with an angry reponse from officials at Leinster House yesterday.

The cast of the new Ross O'Carroll-Kelly play, 'Between Foxrock and a Hard Place', turned up at the gates of the Department of the Taoiseach with a red open-top 10-D reg sports car.

But officials were not amused by the stunt, as the parked car was blocking the gates and preventing Brian Cowen from leaving.

Quick as a flash, an official was up to the group, seething with rage, screaming at them to move the fancy car.

"Get it out now. The Taoiseach wants to get out!" he roared. "Get the f*** out!"

With a screech and a roar, the car was gone -- to its new parking space on the pavement outside the very tasteful Merrion Hotel.

Hot on its tail out the gates was Mr Cowen in the back seat of his black Mercedes, looking cross. Meanwhile, the shouting match between the gatekeeper and well-known Irish actor Philip O'Sullivan continued.

"He was indescribably rude," said a shaken O'Sullivan, who plays Charles, the father of O'Carroll-Kelly in the new play.

Their little 'demo' was aimed at having a bit of a laugh to drum up some publicity for the production that opens tonight at the Olympia. "It's savage satire. Very funny and a great social statement as well," said O'Sullivan.

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