Monday 23 April 2018

Full transcript of audio from Rescue 116

A Coast Guard helicopter takes off at Blacksod Pier. Photo: Steve Humphreys
A Coast Guard helicopter takes off at Blacksod Pier. Photo: Steve Humphreys

The full transcript of the audio recorded by the black box on Rescue 116 has been released.

Rear Crew Channel (Paul Ormsby or Ciaran Smith): "Belmullet Coast Guard Radio from Rescue one one six, sixteen...."

Other source: "Rescue one one six. This is Belmullet Coastguard Radio sixteen. Go ahead..."

Rear Crew Channel: "Roger Belmullet Coast Guard Radio from one one six eh yes we should be landing very shortly now at Blacksod and we'll call again when airborne, over..."

Capt Darragh Fitzpatrick: [unintelligible] coming left... yep... slowing coming left...."

Capt Mark Duffy: "Roger"

Capt Fitzpatrick: "Groundspeed's gonna start increasing..."

Rear Crew Channel: "That's all copied. We'll standby, thanks very much, standing by on sixteen"

Capt Fitzpatrick: "Eh the baro's a little bit off but we're on radalt only"

Capt Duffy: "Roger"

Capt Duffy: "One poing three err miles to run to eh blackmo.... and after that it's bravo kilo sierra delta alpha"

Capt Fitzpatrick: "Roger"

Capt Fitzpatrick: "Copied and with you have en indicated airspeed search and radalt confirmed"

Capt Duffy: "Roger"

Capt Duffy: "OK so small target at six miles eleven o'clock. Large. Out to the right there."

Capt Fitzpatrick: "Roger"

Other source: ALTITUDE (automated callout)

Capt Fitzpatrick: "Eh just a small little island.... that's B L M O itself".

Other source: ALTITUTE

Rear Crew Channel: "Looking at an island just in, directly ahead of us now guys, you want to come right [Commander's name]."

Capt Fitzpatrick: "Ok, come right just confirm?"

Rear Crew Channel: "About .... twenty degrees to the right yeah."

Capt: Fitzpatrick: "Ok come right.... select heading".

Capt Fitzpatrick: "Select heading"

Capt Duffy: " Roger... heading selected"

Rear Crew Channel: "Come right now come right COME RIGHT"

At this stage, an on-board automated warning comes on saying "Altitute", followed by 'Smoke in Baggage".

Captain Duffy: "We're gone".

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