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Fugitive holds four hostage in pharmacy

A criminal who held chemist shop staff hostage for more than two hours yesterday had escaped from custody in a garda station the previous evening.

Four terrified staff at O'Dwyer's pharmacy in Ladyswell, Cashel, Co Tipperary, were threatened with what they believed was a firearm but was in fact a toy gun.

The man, who has a lengthy list of criminal convictions, had been arrested by gardai on Monday for questioning. But he escaped while being held in Clonmel station.

He turned up at the chemist shop in Cashel shortly after 10am yesterday. Gardai were alerted and officers from the regional support unit (RSU) were called in as back up.

A stand-off took place before a breakthrough came around 12.20pm when the man agreed to release one of his hostages.

As he came to the front of the premises, a member of the RSU used a taser gun to stun and subdue him. The 30-year-old suspect from Clonmel was taken to the local garda station.

None of the pharmacy staff were injured in the incident.

Irish Independent