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Fuel prices drop for second month in a row

PETROL and diesel prices have fallen for the second month in a row after reaching record highs in September.

AA Ireland said the average price of a litre of petrol is now 161.2c, down 6.7c from last month, while a litre of diesel is now 1.46c, down 2.8c.

Spokesman Conor Faughnan said 2012 was the worst year in Irish history for fuel prices with motorists now paying almost €20 a month more than a year ago and €45 more than two years ago.

He called on the Government to end the policy of "crippling fuel taxes" whereby over 56pc of the cost of a litre of petrol is tax.

"Fuel sales are falling again this year. Super-tax on fuels is more of an anti-stimulus measure than a revenue-raising one," he warned.

Irish Independent