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Tuesday 15 October 2019

Fudge is 10 (that's 70 in dog years) and has been in shelter over half her life

Fudge with manager Margaret
Fudge with manager Margaret

Fudge has spent more than half her life waiting for a loving owner to take her home.

She came to Mid Antrim Animal Sanctuary in April 2010 after she was surrendered as an unwanted pet, and she has been waiting for a new home ever since.

Now 10 years old (70 in dog years), the sanctuary is keen to find a home for their longest-serving resident, and one where she can spend the rest of her days relaxing.

Rescue workers at the sanctuary have been baffled by the lack of offers to take Fudge as she is a lovely dog that would make a great pet for the right person.

Manager Margaret Waid said: "Staffordshire bull terriers get a bad name so people are always wary, but once they get to know the breed they would never go back, and some people adopt a few of them.

"The volunteers love Fudge and take her out for walks. She has a great temperament. She's very placid and quite obedient. She would come to our reception and sit with the receptionist. She's a lovely dog."

Volunteer Edward Holmes (69) and Fudge have formed a special bond in the last few years.

The retired man comes to the sanctuary and walks her up to five days a week, but unfortunately he cannot rehome her.

"She's very obedient and a very likeable dog," he said. "She takes to people very well. She's always glad to meet you. I really enjoy walking her.

"I hide little treats for her in the sanctuary and she has a great nose on her for sniffing out anything. She's very smart and she's taken really well to the training, so I think she'd make a great pet for somebody.

"I'd be glad to see her get a good home, but I have a photograph of her at home in case someone rehomes her and I don't see her again. I would really miss her, but it would be nice to see her happy."

Fudge was briefly rehomed, but sadly that did not work out and she is still waiting on the right person coming along.

Margaret explained: "She didn't like being left on her own and she was destructive in the house, so sadly he had to bring her back. We think she would need a home where someone was around most of the time."

Although the volunteers are keen to find a new owner, they want to ensure Fudge finds somewhere that she can stay long-term and they want to avoid her being returned again.

Margaret added: "She is happy here but it would be nice if she had another four or five years with that wee bit extra lying in front of the fire and having some home comforts, but there are a few things we are looking for.

"She can't be around children because she has been here for so long and wouldn't be used to them cuddling her. She might not like it. If it was somebody who has a little bit of experience with Staffordshire-type breeds, she could maybe go with a male dog. If they don't, it would be better if she was the only dog in the house."

The charity will put support in place to help Fudge settle into a new home and will also help her new owners look after her in the future.

"We have had a dog trainer working with her for the last few months and she's come along really well," Margaret said. "If anyone can give her a home, the dog trainer would be there for advice and support.

"Due to her age, we would put her into a foster home which means we would cover her medical bills. She is in good health at the minute. She takes a tablet for arthritis, but the vet monitors that and it shouldn't be a problem."

Do you think you can give Fudge the perfect home? Contact Mid Antrim Animal Sanctuary on 028 9446 3993

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