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Frozen pipes left families reliant on their neighbours

FROZEN pipes and water shortages took their toll on thousands of families.

Some of the residents of Bourlum Wood near Carlow Institute of Technology have suffered since freezing temperatures gripped the country.

Brid and Mick Long and their three children, aged under 10, had no water for eight days up until December 29.

"What could you do?" asked Mick. "We had to depend on neighbours because, for some reason, it wasn't every house that was hit."

It is the third time in nine years that the Longs have experienced water problems.

Their neighbours in Bourlum Wood, Barry Wall and his wife Michelle, had no water for three days last year and 10 days this year.

Another Carlow resident, Lily Thompson, had no water from December 23 to January 16, with a brief respite for one day, on December 29.

She had to cancel Christmas dinner at her house and move the family gathering to her daughter's home instead.

Her son, Gary, feels the only solution is to dig up the driveway and replace the piping at a deeper level. "The question is, are you allowed by the council to do that?" he asked.

At The Laurels on the Tullow Road, the story is similar. Some houses have problems and others do not.

"We had no water from the Tuesday before to the Wednesday after Christmas," said Billy Bruce, adding that he used the local gym and his workplace to have showers.

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