Thursday 22 February 2018

From YouTube to cardboard coffins - here's what makes a modern funeral

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Photo: Getty

Jane O'Faherty

The 'removal' is in decline in urban arras, and more non-religious ceremonies are replacing the traditional church funeral.

So what makes a modern funeral? From YouTube to cardboard coffins, here are four aspects of the modern funeral:

1. Live streams

Scattered families and friends make attending funerals more difficult than ever before, but many are now relying on live streams in order to feel part of the ceremony. Some funerals are posted to YouTube within hours of the eulogy being said.

2. Non-religious ceremonies

Secularisaton of society is changing the way we grieve. Humanist ceremonies and other alternatives to the Requiem Mass are increasingly popular. The traditional removal is also on the wane.

However, in Ireland the vast majority of funerals still take place in churches.

3. Eco-friendly graveyards

Old-fashioned graveyards filled with looming tombs can be difficult to maintain. Plots are also extremely expensive. The alternative is a "natural" graveyard with flowers and trees instead of headstones. Graves are identified with wooden crosses.

4. Cardboard coffins

Green or eco-friendly caskets have become more available and acceptable. They are popular with people who want a simpler option to coffins which are made of heavy wood and metal.

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