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From Trinity toast to burning trouble

IT was hardly surprising that Queen Elizabeth looked relaxed as she received a warm, and some would say simpering, welcome in Trinity College.

As every Trinners graduate knows the college's proper name is the "College of the Holy and Undivided Trinity of Queen Elizabeth near Dublin''.

The queen mingled with donnish types near the book stacks in the Hogwarts-like old library, and Prince Philip seemed to make a beeline for the glamorous harpist.

The British Foreign Secretary William Hague was taken aback by the Long Room, remarking to Ruairi Quinn: "My God, what a space.''

On the BBC, viewers were treated to a colourful account of the university's history from the college professor Sean Duffy.

He mentioned James Ussher, the Trinity theologian who confidently claimed that the world was created some time in the evening on Saturday, October 22, 4004BC.

Professor Duffy told viewers that Queen Elizabeth I was still toasted every night in the college, before adding: "Don't tell the Irish taxpayers, they might not be too impressed.''

Meanwhile, out on O'Connell Street a motley band of lumpen protesters, some of them wearing Manchester United or Celtic shirts, were hardly offering a great advertisement for our education system

While extreme Islamists seem to have little trouble setting a flag, or indeed themselves, ablaze, some of our own hatchet-faced hooded malcontents were incapable of it.

At one point, one numskull produced a union jack flag and tried to light it while a baying mob looked on.

No matter how many times he tried he couldn't manage it and resorted to stamping on it on the ground in an impromptu 'Riverdance' performance.

Perhaps it is another sign of the distressing state of our economy. Even if you have a burning ambition the price of petrol is just prohibitive.

  • There were inevitable catty comments on the internet about frocks worn by the queen and President McAleese.

As the two heads of state strolled together, dressed resplendently in Aer Lingus Green and magenta pink, Stephen O'Connell remarked via Twitter: "The queen and Mary look like the last two Quality Street left in the tin.''

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