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Friday 24 November 2017

Friends tell of anger after being duped by McGeever

Kevin McGeever pictured last week
Kevin McGeever pictured last week

Paul Williams

BOGUS kidnap victim Kevin McGeever's friends are "extremely angry" over his claims to have been held captive for eight months, it has emerged.

A friend who did not want to be identified told the Irish Independent: "I never dreamt that he would pull a stunt like this. He is someone you could describe as being economical with the truth but I never expected something like this from him.

"What did he gain out of this? Absolutely nothing."

Mr McGeever (68) turned up on a remote road in Leitrim earlier this year, claiming he had spent eight months being held by unknown captors.

He was arrested and questioned last week – and the now broke businessman admitted that he had made up the abduction story to get angry investors off his back.

A file is being prepared by gardai for the DPP, in which they will recommend that Mr McGeever be charged under Section 12 of the Criminal Law Act 1976 for wasting police time.

The friend said: "He made contact with me on Sunday after the whole story came out about his deception and he asked were we still friends.

"I cut him short and said I really didn't know.

"A lot of people are extremely angry with him and he has lost friends over this."

Mr McGeever was lying low last night, but gardai know where to find him if the DPP decides to charge him – which is now considered likely.

It is understood that he told officers he was broke, but intended bouncing back and regaining his property empire.

However, he still has to face a barrage of High Court cases being brought by creditors, and also an international arrest warrant for property fraud in Dubai.

Mr McGeever's friend said he had been completely taken in by his kidnap story and was angry that people suspected him of being in on the ruse.

"I thought Kevin was on the level and I had arguments with friends and family members defending him when they said they didn't believe his story," Mr McGeever's friend added.

"I cannot understand how he managed to purposely lose seven stone in eight months... what was he thinking of?"

The friend also revealed that he believed he would never see Mr McGeever again after he vanished in May of last year.

"I genuinely though that we would never see him again. I thought he was either dead or had decided to do a runner and never come back because of the financial trouble he was in."

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