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Saturday 17 March 2018

Friday is the most dangerous day of the week when it comes to road safety

That was the message issued by the Injuries Board today as they revealed they paid more than €157m for motor accidents in 2012.

The Injuries Board delivered compensation of €157.2m for motor liability awards in 2012 which represents a 2.2pc increase on the €153.7m awarded in 2011. 

The volume of awards for motor accidents last year increased by 1.3pc to 7,622, compared to 7,521 the previous year.

The figures from the board show that motor liability awards account for 75pc of all personal injury awards.   

Last year, the Board received almost 104 claims for fatal road accidents. 

While this represents a 10pc decrease on the 115 fatal claims the prior year, the Board has urged caution on Irish roads during the dangerous winter months.

The most prevalent injuries sustained in the vast majority of motor claims include soft tissue injuries (neck and back), and orthopaedic related injuries (fractures etc).

Key statistics from the Injuries Board analysis of motor liability awards in 2012 are as follows:

Over half (51pc) of awards were for accidents involving female claimants, while men accounted for 49pc. Year-on-year, there has been an almost 1% reduction in the number of women claiming for motor accidents.

The average award for a motor accident was €20,631 (2011: €20,438).  The average award for women was slightly higher at €21,103, while men received an average award of €20,133.  

As has been the case historically, the majority of personal injury awards are motor related with almost 7 in 10 (68.4pc) coming in under €20,000. More serious/complex cases are typically far less prevalent. The highest award made in 2012 in respect of a motor claim was just under €700,000. 

Road users over the age of 55 proved the safest on Irish roads with only 4% of awards made for road accidents in respect of over 65’s and 7.5pc of awards in respect of the 55-64 age group. The 25-34 age group accounted for over 1 in 4 (26.8%) awards while 35-44 year-olds represented a further 1 in 5 (20.7%). 

Friday was the most dangerous day on Irish roads in terms of award volumes while Sunday was the least dangerous.  However, Sunday accidents accounted for the highest average award across the week at €22,657 indicating these are of a more serious nature.

May was the safest month while November saw the highest level of awards for road accidents (see Table 1). 

Counties Donegal (11), Cork (10), Dublin (8), Kildare (8) and Limerick (6) recorded the highest number of claims that resulted in fatalities (see Table 2).

Dublin, Cork and Limerick were the counties with the highest number of awards (in line with population), whereas Leitrim, Kilkenny and Roscommon had the lowest.

Commenting on the figures Patricia Byron, CEO of the Injuries Board, said: “Last year saw a 10% reduction in the number of claims we received for fatal road accidents but the 104 fatal claims we did receive is 104 too many.  Our award trends indicate that the winter months are the most dangerous on our roads and we are urging all road users to be extra vigilant at this time.  We awarded over €157m in compensation for injuries sustained in road traffic accidents last year which reflects the significant human cost of these accidents not to mention the societal impact."

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