Friday 23 February 2018

Freeway kitten

@Allan Cavanagh Attention motorists! You are expected to slow down on M50 and cause a traffic hazard so DSPCA can rescue a cat!

@sadieirl Of course countless hundreds of cars in several lanes should slam on the brakes for one cat! Perfect sense!


Good thing they saved that kitten on the M50 before tolling came in. They wouldn't have been able to call him Freeway.

@rickoshea Trying to figure out how a kitten gets from Kilmainham to the M50! We are only half way through summer, more animals to come

Saving Gaybo

@Tupp_Ed Headline on Indo: 'Gay Byrne: I thought I was going to die'. Past tense. Does this suggest he now knows it isn't going to happen?

@anniewestdotcom If Gay Byrne is desperate for work, why don't they get him back doing the 'Late Late Show'.


Watching Gay Byrne on the TV. I feel he would make an excellent candidate in #aras11. Any takers?

@blockrelease FF are still looking for a candidate that won't lose its deposit. Could do worse than Gaybo.

Wendi Deng


I'm awed by Wendi Murdoch taking down Rupert's attacker. She was way ahead of the police: Good for her.

@sinead_ryan Wendi Deng up for Chief of the Met position after that defence.

@charlesarthur Wendi Deng -- fully paid-up ninja. Star of 'Don't Kill Rupe'.

@Kevin_Maguire Right slap not left hook by Wendi Deng. Better than anything Haye landed on Klitschko.

@charlesarthur Looks like it's going to be a cage fight between James Murdoch and Wendi Deng to be next CEO of News Corp. Nice knowing you, James.

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