Thursday 18 July 2019

Freed Kilkenny incest father returns to UK

THE father at the centre of the Kilkenny incest case has been released from prison and put on a plane to England.The man, whose ritual abuse of his daughter over 16 years led the Government to set up a major judicial inquiry, was sent to the south of England at the taxpayers' expense.

While he was serving his sentence in Arbour Hill jail his victim, who had received intimidating letters from the prison, expressed her concern about what would happen when he was released.

Earlier this month he completed his seven-year sentence with standard remission for good behaviour and was set free.

But after he indicated he was prepared to move to the south of England where he was born, the State purchased his air ticket and he was escorted on to the plane.

The police and the social services in his new abode have been notified of his presence and his name has been added to the local sex offenders' register.

Details of the shocking saga of continual rape and assault from 1976 to 1991 horrified the nation when they were revealed at the man's trial in 1993.

Another shock was in store when it emerged that due to a legal loophole where the victim of incest was over 15, the court could only impose a maximum sentence of seven years.

The Government moved quickly to amend the legislation and also set up the McGuinness inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the case.

Meanwhile, the Government will shortly announce its intention to set up a paedophile register and seek views on whether it should be widened to include other sex offenders.

Last month the Irish Independent disclosed that a decision to set up a special register had already been taken by Justice Minister John O'Donoghue in advance of the publication of a discussion paper on sexual offences.

Officials are also considering new legislation to allow courts sentencing a paedophile to stipulate that he be subject to temporary supervision within the community after being released from jail.

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