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Free bus services nationwide to Dublin to support Dunnes Stores march


Dunnes Stores

Dunnes Stores

Dunnes Stores

Free bus services to Dublin are being offered across the country tomorrow to ramp up support for Dunnes Stores workers who are marching to the retailers head office.

The march is part of an ongoing campaign for workers to achieve better job security and remove zero-hour contracts.

Dunnes workers, their family and supporters are set to gather at Merrion Square at 1pm on Saturday and will then march to the Dunnes Head Office on Georges Street.

Bus services across 11 different counties will be transporting workers and supporters to the capital, starting at 7:30am in Mayo, with the final bus leaving Drogheda at 11:20am.

Trade union for Dunnes Stores workers, Mandate is expecting up to 5,000 people in Dublin and Assistant General Secretary Gerry Light believes that this is an issue for all of society.

“No worker should be left wondering whether they’ll receive enough hours to be able to pay the bills next week, and no employer should possess the ability to cut a workers’ wage at a whim.

“As the economy recovers it’s vital we don’t base that recovery on low-paid, insecure work. There’s a responsibility on all of us – including employers, politicians and workers – to ensure that work pays for everyone in our society,” he said.

David Gibney of Mandate said that the march will show the store that the public are backing the campaign.

“We’re hoping to show Dunnes that the public are very much on the side of the workers. It’s not just an issue in Dunnes Stores, it’s an issue in hotels, restaurants etc. We’ve had huge support from the private sector,” he said.

The free bus services will be going from Galway, Mayo, Meath, Louth, Wicklow, Cork, Limerick, Waterford, Wexford, Clare and Sligo.

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