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France Carr will work in the RDS during Congress, carrying out French translation. A native of Paris, she lives in south Dublin

'I got involved because my faith has always been important. I'm retired, my family has grown -- I'm a grandmother -- and I was happy to give something back to Congress.

I signed up in October through my local church in Mount Merrion. Because I'm bilingual, I thought I would be useful for all the French-speaking pilgrims who will come from France, Quebec and French-speaking parts of Africa.

I will be translating and during the Congress I will be at the information points to help pilgrims. I'll be doing a bit of everything.

I'm from Paris originally and moved to Dublin in 1966 where I worked in the French embassy.

I'm glad to give my time. I feel the Congress will have a feel-good factor, and the pilgrims will have a feeling of belonging to a special community and that will be very enjoyable.

I hope to attend some events. I'll see how it progresses. I said I was flexible so I'll see what they want.

I hope the legacy will be something for the young people. I hope feeling stronger in their faith and maybe not feeling so isolated in their faith.

I'm just one little part, but it's enjoyable and everybody has been so kind and welcoming. It's been a very nice experience."

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