Tuesday 20 March 2018

Four out of five workers angry at colleagues for failing to pull their weight

Grainne Cunningham

FOUR out of five employees feel angry at their colleagues for not pulling their weight, leaving them to pick up the slack.

And three-quarters believe that when they tell their boss about their grievances, they are not listened to.

These findings are the result of research by Peninsula Ireland, an employment law consultancy, and is based on the replies of 341 workers.

Managing director of Peninsula Alan Price said the survey showed the workplace was in need of some “anger management therapy”.

“Working with people is bound to result in a clash of personalities somewhere along the way, but your reaction is important and if you feel included to rant and rave, then you need to take a step away and breathe,” he said.

Mr Price said that the company often comes across cases where the employee frequently had a “moan and a groan” but never formalised their concerns about lazy or ineffective colleagues.

Then one day the situation comes to a head and the employee can sometimes get involved in an altercation which may seem out of proportion to the issue.

Mr Price stressed the importance of talking to management or human resources in a formal setting and expressing concerns in a non-confrontational manner.

“Ensure it is a two-way conversation. Remember that all employees, including management, may well be under pressure at work. This may be the reason for their behaviour. An amicable meeting should resolve any issues,” he said.

And he stressed that since people spent an average of eight hours a day at work, it was important to have a working environment which did not include stress, worry or anger.

Peninsula is the largest employment law consultancy in Ireland and handles some 2,500 incoming calls a week from client companies, based mainly in the hospitality, nursing home care and retail sectors.

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