Friday 20 September 2019

Four gardaí suspended over claims of cocaine use at nightclub

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Four officers from the same Garda station have been suspended from duty over allegations that they are involved in using cocaine.

The three men and a woman aged in their 20s and 30s were informed that they had been suspended from duty late on Monday night as a part of a massive Garda internal disciplinary probe into alleged cocaine use by the officers. It can also be revealed that the matter is subject to a separate criminal investigation by gardaí.

The four gardaí are based in a Leinster Garda station, and the investigation centres around an alleged incident in a Co Kildare nightclub last December.

A number of gardaí were “having a night out” in the club when it was claimed that a male and female garda were allegedly seen by a nightclub doorman taking cocaine in a bathroom cubicle.

The doorman alerted on-duty gardaí who arrived at the scene and spoke to the officers.

However, it is understood that no illegal drugs have been seized by investigators despite a number of searches taking place.

There have been no arrests yet in the case.

At least three separate homes have been raided as part of the investigation.

A senior source confirmed that the woman garda, who has been suspended, claimed she had received the cocaine from another member of the force.

It is understood that she claimed the amount of the drug given to her was a small quantity for personal use only.

The scandal has caused “great stress” to officers in the Leinster station at the centre of the allegations.

“What makes this case particularly strange is that none of the gardaí being investigated was actually caught with any drugs,” a senior source said.


“Since these allegations first emerged a month ago, it has caused great stress to many

officers in the station who are trying to go about their

duties with this mess seeming to hang over everyone,” the source added.

As well as possible criminal charges, the gardaí involved could face disciplinary sanctions including reduced pay, loss of rank and dismissal.

It is not known how long the four gardaí will now be suspended for, but sources stress they “have a right to their good names” until the two investigations conclude.

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