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Former rugby star felt threatened as 'Nazi salutes given during debate'


Gerry McLoughlin

Gerry McLoughlin

Gerry McLoughlin

A FORMER Irish international rugby star -- who is now a local politician -- says he felt "threatened and intimidated" by members of the public, who allegedly gave Nazi salutes during a council debate on the household tax.

Gerry 'Ginger' McLoughlin, a Labour Party member of Limerick city council, said he was left shaken when a mob chanted "traitors, traitors" at Labour and Fine Gael councillors.

People in the crowd are also alleged to have made Nazi hand gestures.

Mr McLoughlin said: "There was some heckling going on and the heckling got worse, and then screaming and clapping and various signs -- Nazi signs were given.

"That was unfair. We are democratically elected councillors," he added.

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