Tuesday 25 June 2019

Former politician Mary O'Rourke opens up about how she still deals with husband's death 16 years later

Former Fianna Fáil politician Mary O'Rourke
Former Fianna Fáil politician Mary O'Rourke
Denise Calnan

Denise Calnan

Former Fianna Fáil politician Mary O'Rourke has revealed how she is still coping with the loss of her husband 16 years later.

The former minister opened up on the Late Late Show and said she still feels the "silence" since her husband's passing.

Enda died, aged 65, in January 2001 after he was taken ill at their home.

"Sixteen years dead and I still miss him deeply," the Athlone woman told Ryan Tubridy.

"I miss him in the morning, we'd always talk. I miss him when I come in in the evening, he was always there for me.

"The first night I came home from Dublin from the Dáil, or a Cabinet meeting or something, and I walked in the door to such a silence.

"You know that song, 'Is this all there is to it?', the song goes on.

"I thought, 'Is this all there is to it?', is this going to be it for me."

Ms O'Rourke said her solution to fill the silence was to buy a few radios for the house, which she turns on first thing every morning.

"I bought a few radios, one for the bedroom, the living room, the kitchen and they're going on all the time.

"First thing in the morning," she added.

"I love the sound of noises, talking, maybe shouting, maybe music. I love the sound of voices in my house, because I couldn't stick the awful emptiness of it when he passed away."

She clarified the radios were to fill the silence, not loneliness, when asked.

"It's against the silence," she said.

"I quite like my own company, it's against the silence.

"He was always there.. and it's against that.

"You never lose that."

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