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Former lovers spill beans on life with Colin

For a Hollywood lothario like Colin Farrell, having to contend with one of your exes speaking out about your romantic liaisons would be enough to set your pulse racing. But in recent days the former A-list bad boy has had two loves coming out of the woodwork to give their thoughts on their time with the Irish actor.

Both the mother of his youngest child, Polish actress Alicja Bachleda-Curus, and old flame Emma Forrest have chosen the same week to speak about the Castleknock hunk. But for the former hellraiser it could have been a lot worse -- given his record for passion and heartbreak.

New-York based novelist Forrest chose her words carefully: "Dating Col is so wonderful -- as long as you don't leave the house."

Speaking about their time together in advance of the release of her memoirs, Your Voice in My Head, she said: "Art galleries you can just about get away with, safe because everyone is looking at the walls.

"Then it's like the song Paul Simon wrote about Carrie Fisher: 'Someone could walk into this room and say your life is on fire! It's all over the evening news, all about the fire in your life on the evening news'."

But she believes the things that attracted them to one another, turned out to be a weakness. "Everyone's best quality is also their worst quality and the fact that I've a skin too thin makes me a good writer but not useful when dating a movie star. I couldn't hide how much the tabloid chatter got to me. I definitely failed him there."

However, the novelist also offered the In Bruges star a chance to read her memoirs before they were published -- but he declined the offer in a heartfelt letter sent to his former love. "It confirmed all the good I'd seen in him," she said.

Meanwhile, the mother of his one-year-old child, Alicja Bachleda-Curus, also spoke this week about her ex-beau.

Speaking about the end of their relationship the 27-year-old said: "Colin and I have decided to part on friendly terms and we no longer live together. He isn't my boyfriend. But we still remain friends and are respectful towards each other and give each other mutual support."

The actress and singer said the couple had parted "a few months ago". She also said both were still committed to their son Henry.

"We will make sure our son Henry feels completely loved," she said, without explaining the reason for the split.

Bachleda-Curus met Farrell in 2008 on the set of Neil Jordan's film Ondine

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